What is the Role of a Music Studio in the Arts?

By arts I mean theatre, literature, installation and more.

I have learnt about music studios as record labels, post-production houses for film, and other concepts such as a music studio as an instrument.

But I’d like to discuss the music studio as a producer of sound works for theatre, for local literature, for being responsible in spear heading interests and the potential of sound works, and for challenging the world of sound art.

When Artwave started, I only knew I wanted it to be a centre for everything sound related in the arts to convene.

In the literature scene, I have sung the words of poems into song, written audio plays as a creative response for book launches, interviewed authors for the marketing of their book and composed performance works for poetry. Perhaps you say this is the work of a sound artist but without the involvement of a music studio, I would have not been able to disseminate the songs, audio plays and interviews.

Can the music studio push out original sound works that sit just as well in the galleries and is capable of occupying public spaces? Just as a theatre company produces original plays; a book publisher publishes books, a music studio while caring about how all these might sound, can also play a part in the arts beyond the walls of cinemas, live concerts and Spotify.

Ng Sze Min

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